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Rubs for Roger


Rubs for Roger is an interactive program with Roger, an English Cocker Spaniel, that is a two-year-old emotional support dog that loves rubs. He participates in events in the community, school system, day cares, and assistant living homes.  


Rubs for Roger offers a variety of services to keep our guest engaged in a positive motivational mindset. The program incorporates doggy tricks, story time, storytelling, interactive math, art and crafts, mediation, self-esteem builders, promotes mental health awareness, teaches pet care information, and provides community resources coordination for future hobbies and supports.


Rubs for Roger enjoys engaging in events February through December.


Please look forward to Rubs for Roger children’s book coming soon.


Activities for Rubs and Roger

Story time with Roger

Tricks and playtime with Roger

Rubs and hands-on interaction with Roger

Arts and Craft

Interactive math learning

Educational information about pet care

The benefits of emotional support pets

Mental health awareness and self-esteem builders.

Q&A on community resources for hobbies and interests.

Keep Sake Pictures

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