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Rashidah Razzak

Founder/Executive Director

My Story

Rashidah Razzak, the founder and executive director of Uniquely Different, values family above everything else, and she has more than 20 years of experience serving her community utilizing her program development and project management expertise. She comes from Winston-Salem, N.C., and has worked as an office manager in her family-owned business, which provides lawn care and housing property services since she was 16. The family business has always aimed to provide affordable and reliable services to its customers.

Rashidah is a Carver High School alumna, where she discovered her hero, Sojourner Truth, through her speech titled “Ain’t I A Woman.” The speech motivated her to be a voice for women, children, and human rights. She graduated from Winston-Salem State University in 2002 with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. She has continued her education in substance abuse, domestic violence, mental health counseling, and developmental disabilities. She has years of experience as a clinical director in human services, therapeutic residential manager, and private consultant for community-based programs in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. She also mentors at-risk teens and first-time offenders’ programs in the U.S. Juvenile Judicial System. She enjoys supporting individuals in being active community members and being included in activities that promote growth, create memories, and positive feelings. Since the age of 18, she has assisted special populations in a therapeutic relationship in the home, community, job coach, and school system settings. 

Rashidah has been instrumental in providing evidence-based programs that offer information and resources to help people meet their goals through case management, career development, and family advocacy. She has taught grades K-12 and supported the educational system as an assistant to the curriculum test coordinator, assistant exceptional children manager, before/after school programs, and school behaviorist. She has collaborated with charter schools to coach college preparation and job readiness. She facilitated the movement to increase participation in the alumni of Carver High School, an African American historical school that was founded in 1936.

Rashidah has supported the needs of the veterans facing homelessness in Forsyth and Guilford Counties by helping her clients secure housing, access to food and mental health services, medical case coordination, substance abuse, and community resources to home care services. In addition, she has worked with families with loved ones who are autistic and who need vital resources to live a sustainable life. She has career experience as a residential clinical director for an all-autistic adult male ICF program, worked with special populations and developmental disabilities individuals in community events such as the Special Olympics, special population day at the North Carolina State Fair, and an interactive stimulation community Easter Egg hunts.

Rashidah’s personal experience of receiving a college scholarship has given her a deep appreciation for helping others conquer socioeconomic challenges and provide solutions to problems that negatively affect communities and families. She was a volunteer program director for the community group, AIM High, which mentored children and women of homeless families for seven years.

Uniquely Different was launched due to Rashidah’s strong connections to the community and determination to help others with personal growth. The organization’s principles are focused on a holistic approach to improve overall well-being and self-achievement to reduce poverty, sickness, mental health, and violence. The nonprofit has developed support programs for refugees and immigrants in the Triad area to assist with housing barriers, job placement, educational planning, and medical and well-being case management services. The organization also supports students in Jamaica through community and educational outreach.

Uniquely Different has community capacity and community inclusiveness as primary focuses. The nonprofit hosts community days and senior citizen events such as The Golden Years, a club for senior citizens that promotes wealth and wellness through arts and crafts. The program has a buddy system to work on closing generation gaps, providing check-ins, safety awareness, and linking to community resources and local events. In 2022, Uniquely Different implemented Rubs for Roger, an emotional support pet program that promotes mental health awareness and helps individuals with grief and teaches about the benefits and care for supporting animals.

Rashidah's skills in program development, project management, quality assurance, and business reconstruction have sparked her hobbies to become an event planner and travel agent to build teams internationally with a focal point in Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Ghana. She loves North Carolina and enjoys meditating, dancing, visiting art exhibits, and exploring international cuisines at home or abroad. She considers herself to be an ambivert with extremely electrifying extrovert qualities and characteristics.
In 2024, Uniquely Different launched the Stepping Stone program that provides support to individuals and families through transition periods in their lives. The program will support clients with case coordination and referrals that will help them to achieve their goals, overcome obstacles, and hardships. 
In the month of May, Uniquely Different will host a Military Appreciation Event that includes a private dinner and will collect socks, clothing, and other necessities.

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