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Uniquely Different

The Golden Years

This is the Best Years of Your Life!
What a Time to be Alive!

The Golden Years is a free, interactive program that interacts with senior citizens of Forsyth County, North Carolina. The program provides services to adults who are 60 years and older.

The Golden Years  program operates year-round with certain seasonal highlights to assist senior citizens with improving health and wellness by encouraging a positive lifestyle through educational workshops, exercise, and emotional support. The year kicks off every September with new events and excursions.


Uniquely Different focuses on community capacity and community inclusion with senior citizens.  In the springtime, The Golden Years program hosts a two-day community event that focuses on bringing neighborhoods and community recreation centers closer through arts, music, and workshops.  

 The participants of the Golden Years program have access to the buddy system and case coordination to assist members with linking to community resources. The buddy system engages in friendly phone calls to check-in with Golden Years members.  Uniquely Different has several opportunities for adolescents and young adults to volunteer with senior citizens, with a primary focus on bridging the generational gap.  


Also, Uniquely Different educates senior citizens about community safety and ways to avoid scams.  The organization provides updated glamour pictures for members to work on self-esteem builders, family bonding, and personal identification. It's advocacy team creates a platform for senior citizens  to have a voice, share concerns,  and make plans in the community,state they reside in through strategic partnerships.

Uniquely Different understands the importance of fellowship amongst peers decreasing negative mental health issues due to loneliness, grief, retirement, and  health issues.  The Golden Years program aims to create powerful connections for staying involved in the community to promote self-worth and positive mindsets. Rubs for Rogers, emotional support dog,  works closely with Golden Years to provided fury friend companionship.

Here's What to Expect:

Line Dancing


Freestyle Dance

Keep Sake Art & Craft

Gift Bags

Buddy System

Community Outings


Food & Nutrition

Specialized Senior Self-Defensive Class

Professional Photography 

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